5 Reasons Why Social Media Advertising is Better than Traditional Advertising

Traditional Media vs Social Media

When you start developing a strategy to help market your business, often you look at various tactics in order to determine what will help you succeed. And while a good marketing mix is necessary, often small businesses do not always have budgets to cast a very wide net, so you have to make every dollar you spend work as hard as it can.

So we’ve taken a look at some of the advantages of Social Media Advertising, and how it benefits the small business owner over traditional marketing and advertising like TV, Radio, Outdoor, etc.

Marketing Expense

1. Marketing Expense

Traditional Marketing is expensive (like radio, local TV, even print or direct mail) – You often have to commit to long-terms in order to help gain some efficiency, and even then the costs seem high for businesses with limited budgets or those who are just starting out.

Social Media Marketing is much more affordable. You can test various ad campaigns with almost any sized budget. The key with your budget is going to be how you build your targeting to make sure you’re talking to the right people and making the most out of every dollar.

Marketing Change and Flexibility

2. Flexibility

It’s hard to change traditional advertising once it gets running. From a tactical perspective, you may still be in a contract to execute multiple insertions within the medium you choose and you can’t make moves without a penalty. From a creative standpoint, it takes longer and more money/time to change your messaging and ad creative.

Social media, and digital marketing in general, is much more flexible. We can change tactics, creative, and objectives, even budget on a whim. Edit, pause, generate new messages, even test variables to determine what your winning formula may be.

Small Business Owner and Customer Conversation

3. Generating a Dialog

Traditional Media is a one-way street. You’re talking at someone or at a group instead of engaging a dialog with potential customers. There’s no opportunity for immediate contact through the advertising medium itself. In order for a potential customer to begin a dialog, they need to jump through many hoops they may not be willing to do in order to reach out and ask a question.

Social Media Marketing, is just that: SOCIAL. It’s built for a two-way conversation. Here’s an example… I was teaching a Facebook Advertising session at a small business conference in Austin, TX and someone who had seen our event post, and purchased a ticket, asked about the location. To them, it wasn’t clear where the session was going to take place. That person asked the question within the comment section of the ad for the conference. We were able to respond and help answer their question by responding within the same social media ad which they had engaged and asked the question.

Social Media Analytics and Reporting

4. Measurement & Analytics

Attribution models have improved for traditional media, but the action someone took which can be directly attributed to traditional ads is still a little fuzzy. And often the analytics and reporting are not in real-time or as detailed as needed to make strong business decisions quickly.

Reporting and analytics are great on digital platforms and specifically Social Media Marketing platforms like Facebook. Statistics are updated in real time, with detailed information on actions taken down to specific ads and specific targets. You can clearly see which ad messages are performing better, which audiences are responding, and how much of a return on your investment you’re receiving.

Generate Fans

5. Target Audience

Traditional media is still very, very wasteful. You do your best to target your audience based on demographics, geographies and listening, watching or reading habits, but it’s still a pretty broad audience. You’re often left communicating to large groups of people who may never show any interest in your product or service, or you have to tailor your message to a broader audience, which could alter your brand personality.

Audience targeting is where social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even TikTok really shine. Their audience tools provide your business with the ability to build very specific targeting to help get your message to your potential consumers. In addition, you can segment audiences in order to serve each one the message that resonates most with that specific group.

Do More with Your Marketing

Avoid the One Trick Pony

As stated earlier, a marketing mix is very important. Your business can better succeed by positioning your messages across a variety of marketing channels to help build awareness, credibility, consideration, and ultimately purchase. This includes traditional media as well as social media marketing.

But as you look to develop your business marketing strategy, and you’re gauging the priorities of your business, social media marketing should play a significant role.

Let ADLG Marketing Improve Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

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