How Should Your Marketing Shift During a Pandemic?

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Marketing has always been an essential ingredient for the success of any organization, both big and small. It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted livelihoods. As a result, consumers have shifted their spending habits and are more skeptical. These changes have prompted companies to reevaluate their marketing strategies from messaging to distribution channels to fit the new normal. Read on to see how you should shift your marketing during a pandemic.

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Rethink your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social distancing and self-isolation have led to a shift in buyer behavior, which has caused some businesses to flourish while others are struggling. For instance, online retailers that sell groceries have seen an increase in customers. Here’s how you can adjust your social media marketing strategy to support your customers.

  • Improve your brand’s listening tools. Now is the ideal time to fine-tune your messaging and show your audience that you care and resonate with their current challenges through listening and monitoring services. This will not only help you in retaining existing customers but also even in getting new ones.
  • Incorporate relevant social media platforms. Your company is probably scaling down their offline marketing campaigns. Currently, platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have seen a surge in users. That being said, now is the best time to determine which platforms create more awareness about your brand.
  • Be empathetic. Your company may have taken in significant losses and have therefore increased their marketing tactics to boost sales. This is understandable. However, companies should incorporate the human element by adopting socially responsible marketing. For instance, through its “Assurance program” Ad, Hyundai offered to cover half a year’s worth of payments to those who bought or leased a Hyundai before April and then lost their jobs.
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Identify COVID-19 Content Marketing Opportunities

According to Sanders, Merkle’s SEO manager, there has been an increase in search trends for online video platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. This should not come as a surprise—most people are working from home, and a considerable number of schools are offering online classes.

This is perhaps the best time to expand your services and products to fit the current emotions and trends. It’s vital to note that such a move may not provide your standard return on investments (ROI). To start with, you could implement software that improves work efficiency.

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Communicate All Marketing Changes

Effective communication is vital for maintaining any relationship. This statement applies to businesses and their customers as well. Advertisers should be proactive in updating their customers either by email or their websites. For instance, if your company has postponed an event, it would be best to consider offering refunds.

This move will help to provide some relief to any of your customers who are experiencing hardships. According to Google, businesses should update their working hours as well as the description appearing in the “Google My Business” section.

Coronavirus has affected businesses worldwide. As a company, adjusting your marketing strategies is key to helping you adapt during a pandemic as well as post-COVID. In every plan of action, ensure you put out messages of hope to help your customers get through these unprecedented times.

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